Congregations Connected

What is Per Capita? 

Per Capita is an annual per member apportionment ($44.20 for 2024) that funds presbytery, synod, and general assembly efforts.

$32.00 annual contribution to support Presbytery infrastructure necessary for mission in Beaver and Butler Counties

$2.40 annual contribution to the Synod, which consists of 16 Presbyteries across Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia and Ohio

$9.80 annual contribution to the Office of General Assembly, which supports our Synods, Presbyteries, and over 10,000 congregations

As 1 of 61 congregations in Beaver-Butler Presbytery, your church is part of a larger family that is…

• enabled by shared resources

• strengthened by administrative help

• enlivened through combined ministry

• empowered by valuable training

• assisted through transition

• connected to regional Synod and national PCUSA

2024 Narrative Budget

Bulletin Inserts and Powerpoint Slides to Download