Units & Committees

The mission of Beaver-Butler Presbytery is to be a servant to the churches God has entrusted to us, helping them to grow missional, spiritually, and numerically.

Coordinating Team (CT)

The purpose of the CT is to serve as the leadership council of the Presbytery; to create a Vision and strategy for the growth and future of the Presbytery; to act as Trustees of the Presbytery; and to organize and plan Presbytery meetings.


  1. Interpret per capita need and use.
  2. Interpret collaborative good news within the Presbytery.
  3. Reinterpret the role of the Presbytery in relation to the churches.

Chairperson: TBA

Presbytery Moderator: Elder Judy Lipcsak

Presbytery Vice-Moderator: Rev. Ron Schermerhorn

Members At Large
Rev. Lee Dreyer (2022)
Rev. James Salyers (2022)
Rev. Ron Schermerhorn (2022)
Elder Cindy Kennedy (2021)
Elder Frank Aloi (2021)
Rev. Keith Black (2021)
Rev. Dennis Burnett (2020)
Elder Carolyn Paulsen (2020)

Corresponding Members (without vote):
Secretary:  Rev. David Byers
Treasurer:  Elder Lauren Cesnales
Executive Presbyter: Rev. Dr. Thomas Harmon

Sub-Committees of Coordinating Team (CT)

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to prepare, in conjunction with presbytery staff, both a mission and per capita budget for the upcoming year; to hear and recommend decisions on financial issues from our churches; to review property or loan issues; and to maintain and report financial issues to the CT.

Chairperson: Elder Frank Aloi (2020)  frankaloi@msn.com

Members At Large
Elder Stacy Sieminski (2022)
Rev. Dr. Gary Angleberger (2021)
Rev. William Jamieson (2020)

Corresponding Members (without vote)
Treasurer – Elder Lauren Cesnales
Personnel Chair – Rev. Connie Dunn

Investment Team
Elder Michael Freeze (2022)
Elder Bert Robinson (2021)
Elder Ken Spencer (2020)

Personnel Committee

The purpose of the Personnel Committee is to be a resource to the Coordinating Team and to be available to Presbytery staff on matters pertaining to employment, pay and benefits.  Responsibilities include conducting annual Staff reviews, recommending advancement opportunities or changes in salary, maintaining and recommending changes to Personnel policy to the Coordinating Team and mediating Staff issues.

Chairperson: Rev. Connie Dunn (2021) clmdunn@aol.com

Elder Wayne “Chip” McCoy (2022)
Rev. Robert Mathias (2021)
Elder Virginia Shirey (2020)

Administration Committee

The purpose of the Administration & Resource Committee is to act as the building and grounds team for the presbytery office; provide oversight for the overture process; and administer Presbytery functions such as celebrating anniversaries and acknowledging helpful work of upper governing bodies.


  1. To maintain and enhance the Presbytery office building for service to all.
  2. To collaborate with appropriate committees in making recommendations on overtures.
  3. To celebrate with joy anniversaries of churches and pastors.

Chairperson: Rev. Robert Goossen (2021)   bobgoossen@zoominternet.net

Elder Allen Kitchen (2022)
Rev. Andy Shaffer (2021)
Elder Susan Reed (2020)

Mandated Committees

Nominating and Representation Committee

Chairperson: Elder Jim Ihlenfeld (2021) rjihlenfeld@zoominternet.net

Elder Cindy Kennedy (2022)
CRE Charles Cline (2021)
Rev. Kelley Angleberger (2021)
Elder John Rackley (2020)

Ministry and Vocation Committee (MVC)

The purpose of the Ministry & Vocation Committee is to discern and evaluate the calls of inquirers, candidates and pastors to assist congregations to foster healthy relationships with their pastoral leaders.


  1. Find ways to merge the functions of the COM & CPM
  2. Resource and assist churches to evaluate the work of the pastoral staff and encourage meaningful continuing education.
  3. Help churches to understand and fashion the most effective and economical terms of call.
  4. Help churches in their discernment process as they seek to call pastors and other leaders.

Committee Chairperson: Rev. Nicholas (Nick) Marlatt ohioupchurch@gmail.com

Southwest Area (Beaver County)
Chair: Rev. Nicholas Marlatt (2021)

Northeast Area (Butler County)
Chair: Elder Tom McMeekin (2020)

Rev. Rosalyn Kummer (2022)
Rev. Robert Saul (2022)
Rev. James Steiner (2022)
Rev. Rob Swinsburg (2022)
Rev. Thomas Harmon (2021)
Elder Thomas Marlowe (2021)
Elder Sally Pavlina (2021)
Rev. Clark Sawyer (2021)
Rev. Stephen Gutridge (2020)
Elder Andrew Honess (2020)
Elder Andrew Why (2020)

Corresponding Members (without vote)
Theological Education Fund Contact: Rev. Randall Clow
Pension Representative: Lauren Cesnales
Ex-Officio Member: Rev. David Byers


Collaboration, Fellowship and Youth Ministry (CFY): Body – Serve

The purpose of the CF & Y ministry team is to bring together the Body of Christ in all its aspects.  This shall be accomplished, in part, by supporting the efforts of the Presbytery to offer camping and youth activities, providing guidance and assistance to the youth coordinator and Resource Center director, working for the cooperation between presbyteries and our Synod, and organizing presbytery-wide events.


  1. Find points of cooperation with contiguous presbyteries
  2. Organize a presbytery-wide worship event

Chairperson: Rev. Dr. Mary Kitchen (2020) marys@zoominternet.net

Rev. Vicki Kennedy (2022)
Elder Ed McCready (2022)
Elder Mary Rae Thompson (2021)
Rev. Deborah Crusan (2020)
Rev. Ron Schermerhorn (2020)

Ad Hoc Members (without vote)
Resource Center Contact: ChrisAnn Goossen
Youth Leadership Connection Coordinator: Diana Mermon

Mission and Compassion Ministry (MCM): Heart – Help

The purpose of the M&C ministry is to engage the whole presbytery in mission, compassion ministries and peacemaking, not by initiating mission but by serving as a catalyst to help churches connect.


  1. Identify what is going on in mission & compassionate ministries in our churches.
  2. Work with Refreshing Springs Task Force to encourage support.
  3. Facilitate the Peacemaking efforts of the Presbytery.
  4. Engage Presbytery with ministries of compassion.

Chairperson: Rev. Robert Edmundson (2022) cnwpastor@gmail.com

Elder Kim Boyd (2022)
Rev. Nathan Loudon (2022)
Rev. Jamie L. Fowler (2021)
Rev. Beth Wierman (2021)
Elder Denee Stevenson (2020)
Elder Joe Viola (2020)

Encourage Churches to Flourish Ministry (ECF): Head – Grow

The purpose of the ECF Ministry is to create, maintain and grow flourishing congregations by providing training, encouragement and direction to clergy and church leaders.


  1. Organize annual Leadership Training Event (invite Shenango)
  2. Organize monthly training mandated for new clergy and available for all.
  3. Organize groups of pastors to sharpen preaching skills.

Chairperson: Rev. Dr. Graham Standish (2022) ngstandish@mac.com

Rev. Connie Frierson (2022)
Elder Ruthie Pickett (2022)
Elder Allen Kitchen (2021)
Rev. Dena Roy (2021)
Rev. Leigh Benish (2020)
Rev. Derek Marotta (2020)

Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)

Chairperson:  To Be Determined

Elder Nancy Blewett (2024)
Elder John Rackley (2024)
Elder Andrew Why (2024)
Rev. Merry Meloy (2022)
Rev. John Stokes (2022)
Rev. Gary Weston (2022)
Elder Carolyn Paulsen (2020)
Elder Sally Pavlina (2020)
Rev. John Silbert (2020)

Unit Boards and Organizations:

Camps and Conferences
Rev. Randall Clow
Elder Robert Meanor

Christian Associates Representative

Presbyterian Media Mission

Presbyterian Men
Elder Larry Ott

Presbyterian Scholarship Fund (Formerly Colportage of Western PA)
Rev. Bob Goossen

Presbyterian Women
Paula Thompson-Green

Presbytery Youth Leadership Connection Coordinator
Diana Mermon

Synod Commissioners
Rev. Dr. Judy Angleberger (2020)
CRE Charles Cline (2020)