A yarn activity during the March Presbytery Meetingn demonstrated how we are connected.


Beaver-Butler Presbytery is a covenant community of churches
that supports, nurtures, and helps grow disciples in the way of Christ.

At our March Stated Meeting, members of the Coordinating Team presented a draft for a new mission statement as printed above. A central theme is an emphasis on our relationships as congregations through living a covenant life together. Covenants are trust-based promises that rely on the integrity of mutual accountability. God calls all people of faith into a covenantal life together. With this emphasis, the CT wants to reframe the term “presbytery” from an office or institution into a lived-out collaborative partnership.

During the meeting, presbyters passed around a giant ball of yarn to symbolize these connections between our churches working toward a shared ministry. The presentation of the drafted new Mission Statement came with an invitation for further discussion and feedback among sessions and church members over April and May. The CT intends to bring the mission statement to the May presbytery meeting for adoption.

If you have questions or want to discuss thoughts about the Mission Statement, contacting the office by phone or email is most helpful by May 1.