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Inter-Presbytery Leadership Formation

The Presbyteries of Redstone, Pittsburgh, Upper Ohio Valley, Washington, Beaver-Butler, and Shenango have collaborated to facilitate a training program called Inter-Presbytery Leadership Formation (IPLF). IPLF is designed to prepare ruling elders for possible positions as Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) to serve churches. IPLF also trains leaders for preaching, leading worship and various ministries, such as visitation.

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Investing in Ruling Elders and Deacons

As Christians, we are in a continuous process of growth in relationship with God, each other, and self. This is also true for those serving as ruling elders and deacons. Webinars, articles and events help provide for this ecclesial growth.

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A Podcast for Church Leaders

Along the Road is a podcast for ministry leaders of the PC(USA). Nourish episodes, available every other week, are geared specifically to ruling elders and deacons. Information for streaming episodes on your favorite streaming service is available. You can also listen to episodes from the homepage.

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Training for PC(USA) Ruling Elders and Deacons based on the Constitutional Questions

This multi-session resource is created for study by and training of those serving as ruling elders and deacons. Discussion and reflection is based on the theological principles of the constitutional questions. Leader Guides use a monthly format of one question per lesson or a three-lesson format.

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Ruling elders are called to ministry in partnership with teaching elders. Within this calling, ruling elders have responsibilities in several areas of the life of the church including leadership, governance, spiritual discernment, and discipline. This long-standing series of articles lifts up these responsibilities and ministries with a monthly leader formation thread running through issue. 

Ways to use Regarding Ruling Elders

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Employment Guidance for Sessions and Session Personnel Committees

This personnel processes and policies of church guide explores topics such as hiring and oversight of staff, roles of various individuals and groups in the process, and compliance with civil law. Designed for congregations of all sizes, reflections on Presbyterian theological perspective and our commitment to equity and inclusion is also included.

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