Section G-2.10 in the Book of Order permits presbyteries to commission Ruling Elders for limited pastoral service as assigned by the presbytery. It also specifies that the Presbytery determines the preparation and instruction for this service in such a way that it is appropriate to the particular commission.

The Presbyteries of Redstone, Pittsburgh, Upper Ohio Valley, Washington, Beaver-Butler, and Shenango have collaborated to facilitate a training program called Inter-Presbytery Leadership Formation (IPLF). IPLF is designed to prepare ruling elders for possible positions as Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) to serve churches. IPLF also trains leaders for preaching, leading worship and various ministries, such as visitation.

Enrolling in IPLF

The Fall Term of 2023 is August 12, September 9, October 14, November 11, and December 9. New students who feel the call to serve as CREs should begin preparing in June of 2023 for the Fall Term of 2023. The program includes classes, hands-on experiences, and mentoring.

The morning class will be Reformed Theology with Rev. Dr. Martin Ankrum. The afternoon Elective Workshops are provided in the areas of pastoral care, spiritual formation for church leaders, polity, boundary/ethics training, and mission in the community. If interested in becoming a CRE, please get in touch with the Beaver-Butler Presbytery Office at 724-452-7515.

IPLF Elective Workshops

The IPLF Elective Workshops are also open and free to Pastors and Ruling Elders who are not enrolled in the IPLF program. They are available in-person at Redstone Presbytery Center or online. Download the IPLF Workshop Flyer for workshop schedule, descriptions and registration information.

Documents to Download

2023 Flyer

Please download and post the flyer in your church.

2023 Booklet

This booklet contains more information and the application forms and instructions.

IPLF Workshop Flyer

This document lists the schedule, descriptions, and registration information for the workshops.