Posted May 10, 2022

By Diana Mermon Spencer,
Youth Leadership Connection Director

The Beaver-Butler Presbytery’s youth scavenger hunt was held on April 24 at the Covenant United Church in Butler. God provided us with a beautiful hot and sunny day. The event was attended by three church youth groups.

We started with some snacks and a visit to the underground railroad which is located in the church. Lars, our tour guide, was fantastic. He brought that time period alive for us by showing us where people stayed and how they lived during that time period.

Lars gives a tour of the underground railroad rooms in the church basement.

Then the youth set out with their leaders with clues to find in the general Main Street area. Butler has so much to offer when it comes to clues! Who knew that the jeep was invented there in only 49 days and that they have murals all over town showing the rich history of Butler? The kids were able to find an octopus and, weirdly, teeth being flossed. They also found interesting things on some of the churches as well such as tigers and keys. It was so fun to see the youth and leaders running around taking pictures when they found each clue.

Youth and leaders studied their clues before setting out.

A clue leads youth to a shop.

A jeep with keys.

One of many murals in the city of Butler.

When the groups came back, we discussed some of the interesting things they found. Some of the leaders said they lived in the area and had not realized Butler had so many interesting things on their buildings. We finished the event by having a raffle of fun items for the kids, playing the cup game and having balloon prayers.

Blowing up a balloon containing a prayer

What are balloon prayers you ask? Well, you print off scripture of how God can help you, for example, Joshua 1:9—Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. On one side of the paper you put the scripture on the other side you have them write something that they would like you to pray for them. They stuff it in a balloon and blow it up. We have an epic balloon toss while listening to a song and then when the music stops you pick up a balloon that is not yours. We all pop them. You take home that person’s prayer and pray for what is written on the paper. 

It was a great event.