By Diana Mermon Spencer, Youth Leadership Connection Director

Posted July 20, 2021

Jedi Training Camp was a success with the campers at Lambec for “Wet and Wild” and “Wetter and Wilder” sessions. As campers arrived at the camp, they were greeted by R2D2, a large death star, Millennium Falcon and “May the LORD be with you” signs. If you have not guessed it yet, our theme for the week was “Star Wars.” 

The start of the Jedi Training is understanding good versus evil—light versus dark. Campers learned about sin. They confessed their sins with a lesson that used Playdoh. After that lesson we were ready to move on with our Jedi Training! 

The rest of the week we learned in our devotions, bible studies and diving deeper groups, two great gifts God has given us. He gave us Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We learned about the fruits of the Spirit and how to use them to make us better Jedi’s. We had lessons on having Godly friendships and how to use the “Force” a.k.a. the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

At the end of the week, campers wrote down something for us to pray for them about on a piece of paper. Then they made it into a paper airplane and threw it through the death star hole. At the end, the kids had to pick up any airplane and that is who they prayed for all the next year. 

The kids said they love coming to camp because their faith gets refreshed. The kids lead the prayers for all meals and some of the devotions. On Thursday night Pastor Randall and Mary Clow had a special worship service for us. They washed each one our feet while encouraging us with God’s word. The campers became so emotional during this worship service. They were crying and hugging each other. It was a beautiful thing to see teens so spiritually moved to these emotions. GOD IS GOOD!

Since we are Wet and Wild and Wetter and Wilder, we had lots of fun with water games, the slip and slide, pond and of course the lake. In keeping with the wet and wild theme we went to Waldameer water park one day. The kids really enjoy being there and trying out the new racer water slides.

In the evenings we had nightly all camp activities. Sunday night we had Jedi Training activities at each cabin and main building. This is a great way for new campers to learn where everything is in the camp. 

We had 17 new campers this year! It was fantastic to meet new campers. Monday evening, we had campfire cooking with mountain pies and hot dogs. Tuesday evening campers came to the Cantina aka dining hall for a STAR WARS themed Mystery dinner. This was super fun. Kids picked their menu by only STAR WARS names and then got a big surprise when each course came to them. There was a lot of kids eating Jello aka Jabba the Hut and thermal detonators aka meatballs off their plates with their mouth because they did not order may the fork be with you at the same time. The kids seemed to like the dinner. 

Wednesday evening, we had a talent show. The kids were all so talented. We had singing, dancing, skits, and lots of silliness from Pastor Randall and the other counselors. Thursday evening, we had Thanksgiving Family Style dinner. This is one of the highlights of the week for campers. The food during our week is fantastic! Big shot out to Mary, Bryan and Joe! After dinner, the older teens went to watch a beautiful sunset and sang songs as it set. I was very moved by it especially because some of the kids were dressed in Star Wars costumes. Seeing Darth Vader watching the sunset and singing was impressive. I think we may have moved him from the dark side that day. 

That night the rec hall was turned into a full-on night club with the fun lights, glow sticks and glow sunglasses. The campers danced and danced. We did the Virginia Reel square dance with an exceptionally long line of kids which was amazing. We had an incredibly special moment that night as well. The campers on their own sang the star-spangled banner in the field under the stars. It was beautiful. That night the Wet and Wilder campers were all snuggled into their cabins. Diana, Emilee and Ben took the older campers down to the gaga pit to look at the stars and share their feelings. We do this every year the last night and the campers love it. 

Friday, we finished up our Bible lessons and our Jedi Training games. The campers got a completed Jedi Training Completion certificate signed by Yoda. We sent the campers back to their families reminding them that the LORD is with them and to use the Holy Spirit to guide them as Luke used the force to guide him. Until next year our campers will be missed, but we will continue to pray for them. 

Morning devotions included some waking up movement.

A bit of competition is part of the fun.

Learning the art of making mountain pies.

Posing for a silly photo.