Summer 2020 at Camp Lambec

By Randall Clow, Director of Camp Lambec

Posted September 8, 2020

Have you ever watched the sun set over Lake Erie from the beach at Camp Lambec? I can’t help but praise God for His stunning creativity each night while standing near the campfire overlooking the lake. 

As the sun begins to fall below the horizon, the sky is bathed in hues of orange, red, and yellow often against a backdrop of lavender clouds and blue sky. The reflection of the sunlight cast upon the water of the Lake seems to create an inviting trail stretched out toward the watcher, beckoning him or her to bask in the beauty of the moment. I stand in awe until the sun finally disappears below the horizon and the last gleaming rays seem to be swallowed up by Lake Erie. Each sunset is startlingly different and stands as its own beautiful masterpiece. 

The sun has now set over the 2020 camping season at Camp Lambec and, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, we praise God for the stunning masterpiece that it was! Here are some highlights from the summer:

We witnessed young campers coming to know Christ for the first time, young disciples learning and growing in faith, families spending time together relaxing, bonding, worshipping, and studying Scripture with one another.

We had to cancel Music Camp because the large number of campers would have been difficult to serve safely with our COVID-19 precautions in place BUT those campers remained connected through a “virtual camp”. The remaining camps were held with better than expected numbers. 

I met so many wonderful campers, parents, and families that shared their personal devotion to the ministries at Camp Lambec and their sincere desire to see those ministries expand for the Kingdom.

The board is focused on making much needed improvements to the camp’s buildings. New roofs on the dining hall, chapel, and several cabins, lot of fresh paint, and improvements to our bathhouses are only the beginning!

Friends, we praise God for a healthy and productive 2020 season and we look to the future with hopeful and joyful expectation and anticipation over the “sunrise” for the summer of 2021. Plans and preparations are already underway to make 2021 even better than 2020! Camp Lambec is YOUR camp…stay tuned for more to come!