Presbytery Office Hours Change

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases, as of December 3 and until further notice, office hours will be irregular. Please call ahead when visiting the center.

A change in office hours is being planned as the Beaver-Butler Presbytery office begins to re-open. Recommended by the Personnel Committee and approved by the Coordinating Team, the office hours have now been changed to 9:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday through Thursday. In addition, the office is open at other times, by appointment, if there is a need to access the Resource Center or the conference rooms for meetings.

This change has been under discussion for some time, although COVID-19 has accelerated the conversation. Total staff hours will remain the same, however, there is value in completing some of the office work ‘off site.’ The recent experience of working from home has made it clear that greater flexibility can help the mission and ministry of churches of Beaver-Butler Presbytery.

A few questions you might have:

Can I still access the Resource Center?

Absolutely YES. It is available for your ministry needs from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday, or by appointment.

Can I still call on Beaver-Butler Presbytery staff for questions that I might have about our church and ministry?

Absolutely YES. If you call during ‘off hours’ you may leave a message on the answering machine and staff will respond as promptly as possible. By narrowing the established office hours it is anticipated that the office staff can be even more helpful and flexible in responding to needs as they arise.

How does this impact office staff? 

Barb Paff, Lauren Cesnales and ChrisAnn Goossen will continue to work for the presbytery with a bit more flexibility built into their schedules. It is the intent of the Personnel Committee to have two people in the office during the regularly scheduled office hours. Some days staff will be in the office before 9:30 a.m. or after 1 p.m. but the office will be locked if only one person is present during those times. In the recent past there have been times when it was not possible to have two people present, so the reducing of the regular office hours ensures service to the congregations as well as adequate staff. And in a digital world this change will also allow for times when staff can work efficiently from their own homes.

What if I have a particularly pressing matter over which I need to speak with someone immediately? 

The best solution is to email or call Executive Presbyter David Oyler and he will partner with you to discover a helpful answer.

This may be seen as one more change in a world that is experiencing more changes than you desire. Yet it is also an opportunity to adopt technological advances that can move the mission of congregations forward while still accomplishing important work together.

Thank you for your willingness to adapt. As we anticipate the future this is one more way in which your presbytery is seeking to respond to the needs of congregations while being attentive to changing demographics and patterns.

Your work is important in building the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your partnership with Presbyterian Christians across Beaver-Butler Presbytery as we work together to build Christ’s church.

Rev. David Oyler
Temporary Executive
Beaver-Butler Presbytery