300th Anniversary of the Synod of the Trinity

The first meeting of the Synod of the Trinity was on 9-17-1717. On September 17, 2017 we will celebrate 300 years of Synod of the Trinity! Start planning now to include your church in the celebration…
  • Revealing Hope video stories about the life and hope of people, churches, and events are being posted. Read them to see what our fellow Presbyterians have been doing. If you have an idea for a subject, email Communications Coordinator Mike Givler here with the details.
  • Presbytery Histories have been added to the website. Rev. Bob Mathias wrote and history for Beaver-Butler Presbytery. He talks about the ‘blending’ of 4 presbyteries and 2 denominations to form what we know as Beaver-Butler Presbytery.
  • Synod Grants. Look for the listing of Synod Grants and see how your group of church can apply for one. They have specific criteria and several expire onJune 30, so get started on a possibility for your church!!
Check out the Synod website for information at www.syntrinity.org
Keep checking the Synod website for more ideas to include with your celebration of the Synod anniversary!